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Kacy Gill

HMS #Expectations

Are you being a Lion?



(If you can answer NO to any of the questions or YES to #2, you are not being Respectful)


  1. Are you keeping your hands and feet to yourself?

  2. Are you chewing gum, eating or drinking without permission?

  3. Are you quiet until it is your turn to speak?

  4. Are you choosing love?



(If you can answer NO to any of these, you are not being Responsible)


  1. Are you on time to where you should be located?

  2. Did you remember all of your supplies for class?

  3. Are you turning in your assignments on time?

  4. Are you managing your voice level properly?



(If you can answer NO to any of these, you are not Ready)


  1.  Are you prepared to begin class?

  2.  Is your backpack in it’s designated area?

  3.  Is your cell phone off and in your backpack?

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