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Guidance Lessons:  6th and 7th grade classes  are starting out the year learning organization and study skills.   8th grade classes will learn about personality and how knowing traits of personalities can help them to understand and get along better with others.  

Coffee with the Counselor :  September 13, 2017 @ 9:00 a.m. in counselor’s office!  

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Parents come join me for a cup of coffee and a seminar on drug awareness. 

Street, Script, and Synthetic: Addictive & Deadly 



R.E.A.L Training  :  Resonsipbe Educated Adolescent Leaders

September 28, 2017:  A team of our 8th grade students will be going to a training to become Responsible Educated Adolescent Leaders.  During this training, the students will be given drug awareness information and will particiate in activities and learn strategies to teach and help others.  HMS is very excited to be participating in this training.  This training is sponsored by PRIDE Youth Programs & TOUCH Coalition ,